A Workshop For Makers and Hackers

What would you like to make?  What have you always wanted to learn?

Hours: Mon, Wed, Fri 6:30 PM to 11:00 PM; Tue, Thu, Sat 2:00 PM to 11:00 PM — Open House every Wed @ 7PM

Address: 11060 Dyer St, Suite D-11, El Paso, TX 79934

We will be closed Tuesday, January 20 for a members-only business meeting.

We are part of a global movement. A shared, community-operated workshop, a community with passion, accessible to everyone. Democratizing design, science and technology aiming to change El Paso and the world forever.

On January 10 we got the bulk of the work done to reorganize our shop. This has been in the works for a while, and we’re excited to see it finally happening.

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LED matrix sign

We’ve been working on an LED matrix sign for the shop.  See it in action over on our YouTube Channel.

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"finished" welding table

MIG Welding

Over the last three weeks, we decided to add a welding table to our metal working area. Having no experience in MIG welding, I decided to give it a try. Learning how the MIG welder worked was not difficult, although it did take some practice. For the project, I used a Millermatic 140 Auto set, which is a MIG welder, as I had already mentioned. This machine uses a spoll of metal wire that is fed at a selected [...]

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A few weeks ago we began building the machine you see here: a CNC mill called Shapeoko 2.  Tonight, it cut for the first time.

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Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

H3 Labs is excited to announce that we are now officially accepting new members!

If you’ve been waning to join a group of makers and hackers in El Paso, the time has finally come.  To learn more about becoming a member, read our Join page.

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We got colorant and 10 lbs of ABS yesterday, so we ran a test in the Filastruder.  We got colors, but not exactly what we intended.  The orange is supposed to be a golden yellow, and the green wasn’t supposed to be that dark.  It took about 20 feet to complete the color transitions.

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Hackerspace Passports

H3 Labs has acquired a few Hackerspace Passports.  These were created in 2011 to promote visitation between hackerspaces.  Each space is encouraged to create a stamp for use in these passports, and we now have one of those too.

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Jose playing Castlevania on his RaspberryPi

Jose has been working on building a MAME cabinet for a while.  However, he’s going an unusual route with it:  he plans to mount a RaspberryPi running PiMAME inside a NES body, with swappable NES and SNES USB controllers.

It’ll be very cool when it’s done, and be able to play games from Atari 2600 all the way up to N64.

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Things are ramping up quickly here at H3 Labs. We’re getting organized and ready to serve El Paso’s makers and Hackers. Read on to find out more.

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Filastruder front

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been building the Filastruder kit we ordered, and now it’s complete.

Filastruder is a combination of “filament” and “extruder”. It takes plastic pellets, heats them up, and forces the liquid plastic through a nozzle. The resulting filament is then used in 3D printers, such as our RepRap, to create custom objects.

We took a video of it running for the very first time, check it out:


Soon we’ll be able to make [...]

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Tony Mendoza has been a maker and entrepreneur all his adult life. His latest endeavor has just launched on KickStarter: My Lanny. My Lanny is a portable, compact shower caddy. Tony brought one to our last event, and it is quite ingenious. Support a local El Paso maker and back Tony’s campaign.

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Etched and drilled circuit board

Since our first board etching (which was just our logo), we’ve managed to etch and drill an actual circuit board.

This one took much longer to etch, about 2 hours. It’s larger than what we did the first time, and the etching solution wasn’t fresh… we had to top it off with more hydrogen peroxide twice.

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H3 Labs logo etched onto a PCB

Now that H3 Labs has a laser printer, we decided to put it to its intended use within hours of plugging it in: PCB etching. What you see here is the result.

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Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

We recently had the 3D Launch party, which was a success! Amongst great food and interesting conversations there was a really cool printing of an H3 molecule logo. Here are some pictures in case you missed the event. The 3D printer is open for business and now is printing with great results, if you need to make a 3D print of something, comes pay us a visit!



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Services like Uber, Lyft and others are a controversial issue right now. I will not get into detail about the controversies (for a detailed explanation on the services and the objections to it read this engadget article) because I just want to let you know about the service arriving to town and my experience with it.

It all started when a friend of mine posted that the service was coming to town. [...]

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This is an interesting thing Soylent Inc is making, and although it has the name of that fiction movie Soylent Green, the product seems quite interesting. I for one kind of want to try it. Do you agree with the goal of Soylent Inc? Are developments we create more efficient better than things from nature, in terms of nutrition?

Would you try Soylent?

Check the video out.

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Second floor showing flags over the dealers floor

Airgas Branch
Welding Equipment, and gases | homepage

1235 Tower Trail Ln., El Paso, TX 79907
(915) 859-8000

KOLD Equipment & Surplus

6812 Industrial STE B, El Paso, Texas 79915
(915) 843-5942

Mckinney Wrecking
Old Furniture, Equipment. Metal and Wood

118 Ruhlen Ct El Paso, TX 79922
(915) 533-2006

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one of mckinney’s warehouses

one of mckinney’s warehouses

one of mckinney’s warehouses

airconditioners among other electronics keep outdoors at mckinney’s

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I have shared videos of some interesting pieces of machinery in the past few months. I believe that if I added a video of the Pagani Huayra, it is only just that I share a video of the Agera R. Enjoy!

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raw milk

Lately I have been making cheese and yogurt (among other fermentation processes) at home. I’ve tried different recipes like Mozzarella, and Cheddar with different combinations of bacteria, but now I want to experiment by changing the milk. And while there is a variety of milk brands and styles, it is pretty hard to come by non-homogenized milk and even harder to find raw milk (unpasteurized) in west Texas. The following are both of the non-homogenized milk brands that I found. [...]

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Peso-Dollar Exchange

Being a Mexican National and living in the US-Mexico border has always make me keep an eye the peso-dollar Exchange rate. I created a graph using Banco de Mexico data on the exchange rate to show how this market has moved since 2000 to today.

The exchange rate is important for us in the border specially because it is always expected that as the peso strengthens against the dollar (less pesos per dollar), more Mexican nationals will demand more products and [...]

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